Day 1: November 5th

We enjoyed a great first day with introductions to the concepts of faith journeys, friendship, empathy and belonging. A virtual fireworks display and toffee apples in the evening meant the first day ended with a bang.


Bishop of Brixworth, the Rt Revd John Holbrook and Revd Canon Dave Male, Director of Evangelism and Discipleship



Download the transcript of this audio: Day 1 Welcome from Bishop John.

Download the Transcript of this Audio: Day 1 Welcome Dave Male

Plenary 1:

Benita Hewitt, Director of 9 Dot Research: Understanding Faith Journeys

Download the Transcript of this Audio: Day 1 Benita Hewitt

Download the PowerPoint slides for this Plenary: Benita Hewitt Day 1


Plenary 2:

The Rt Revd Alison White, Bishop of Hull: What Makes Friendship?

Download the Transcript of this Audio: Day 1 Bishop Alison White

Download the PowerPoint slide for this Plenary: Bishop Alison Day 1


Plenary 3:

Revd Joe Moffatt: In their shoes; finding out what people really experience

Download the transcript of this audio: Day 1 Joe Moffat and Jonathan Baker



These are the available PowerPoint slides for workshops on Day 1:-

Benita Hewitt: Day 1 and 2 Research Workshop

Heather Cracknell: Day 1 and 2 Fresh Welcome Fresh Expression

Hannah Rich: Day 1 Food Glorious Food

(Link to the Church Urban Fund video included in Hannah’s workshop:

Jimmy Dale: Day 1 Accessible Church

Plenary 4:

The Revd Canon Sandra Millar: From Stranger to Friend

Download the Transcript of this Audio: Day 1 Sandra Millar

Download the PowerPoint for this Plenary: Sandra Millar Day 1



Plenary 5:

Claire Reed delivered a presentation on ‘A creative journey to belonging’. (Images in this material do not have the permissions in place for wider sharing online.)