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Young Vocations

Presentation ideas for Vocations events: Godly Decision Making talk

This is a talk I have given several times at joint Diocesan weekends away thinking about 'God's Call'.  It opens ...

Vocations activities 4: Following up God’s call

A call from God can come through our gifts and passions, as well as directly. However, it is not easy ...

Vocations activities 3: Experiencing God’s call

Making choices is hard for students especially when under the pressure of exam and further education choices. These activities can ...

Vocations activities 2: What is a vocation?

The word 'vocation' literally means ‘calling’. God calls us in many different ways and in every aspect of our lives. These ...

Book review: Hearing the call: stories of young vocation

This is a short, well-priced and accessible book that may be of particular value for young people trying to discern ...