Although there are fewer national festival days during the summer season, that doesn’t mean the opportunities for inviting contacts to get involved in church life have run out.

There are still lots of ways to keep in touch and offer a warm welcome all summer long.

  • Summer for young families

    With longer daylight hours and school holidays, there are lots of opportunities for parents to get out and about and spend time with their children. The church can offer activities to help families discover new things, meet new people, have fun and make memories. Here are some ways to help.

  • Summer support for bereaved families

    Staying in contact with people and going out can be helpful to those who are coping with the loss of a loved one, especially those who have been left on their own. Here are some examples of ways to support them. 

  • Summer for engaged couples

    Summer is a great time to have weddings and marriage in church in mind. Whether you have weddings that are about to happen, or weddings that are still a year or more away.