‘Remembering’ Services

These are the services held around All Souls’ day which offer people an opportunity to remember those they love but see no longer, whether the loss is recent or long ago, and to support and maintain contact with bereaved families whether or not they have had a Church of England-led funeral.

Child looking at a candle in church

Many churches find that ‘Remembering’ services are some of their largest congregations. The good news is that Church of England Funerals research indicates that people want and hope to be followed up by the church after the funeral. Here are some ways to help share a message of comfort and hope with even more people.

To help with invitation:

In the service

Involve the whole congregation in prayers in a personal way, for example:

  • The prayer memory box: provide lots of postcards so that everyone has one – they can be colourful or plain. Also have a fairly large, attractive box ready at the front.  Invite people to write a brief ‘memory prayer’ on their postcard to say thank you to God for special memories of a person they are remembering that day – perhaps a particular memory of good times with them, or writing their name on the card simply to remember their whole unique life – and place it in the box. Some suitable music could be played while people bring their cards to ‘post’ in the box. As an alternative to the box, cards could also be pinned onto a display board instead.

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