NB: Help with Christmas mailings – the Pastoral Services Diary is a fantastic on-line tool which reminds you which groups to invite to which events. Your reminders, which you can set up in advance, will arrive by email letting you know when to send out invitations to Christingle and other Christmas services for example. It can even help you prepare the address labels for posting to specific groups of contacts. If you don’t have an account, you can find out more and register here: www.pastoralservicesdiary.org

Plus: The national Church of England Christmas campaign for 2018 will be #followthestar. Resources can be found on the Church Print Hub just here.

Read more about how to get involved.

  • Christmas for those who grieve

    Bereaved families are some of those who need supportive contact around this time of year. By simply acknowledging that Christmas can be a difficult time, the family can be reminded of the care of their church. These ideas, offered from busy clergy, are simple, but focused.

  • Christmas for families

    Targeted invitation seems to work well. Why not invite your family contacts to just one event? Church of England research showed that traditional nativity or crib services are the most likely service baptism families will want to be part of, but any of these ideas may work well too.

  • Christmas for wedding couples

    Whether recently married or soon-to-be married, Christmas is a great time to contact couples. Their reception venues and others will be sending cards and inviting them to events at this time, and couples like to hear from us too.