Resources for an inclusive Mothering Sunday

Home for Good Project Manager, Emily Howarth

At Home for Good we inspire individuals and churches to re-imagine the concept of ‘family’, recognising the fullness and breadth of all that can be under God. Through doing this, we hope that everyone will find welcome, support and affirmation within the Church, including vulnerable children and the families who care for them.

We know that Mother’s Day can be a tricky time for those who no longer see their birth mother. As churches wanting to model motherly love, we mark the day in celebration, but for many it can be a painful reminder of loss, heartache or difficulty. Others can feel excluded from a narrative focused on birth mothers. We know that some individuals avoid church on Mother’s Day because it is too difficult for them.

That’s why Home for Good has put together a whole host of resources including videos, prayers, service plans, sermon notes and youth or children’s group sessions to help support churches with creating an inclusive Mothering Sunday service.

“A mum brought her adopted daughter and husband (who isn’t a Christian) for the first time. I think it broke the ice and allowed them to see that as a church we are engaged in people’s real life.”

Each one is designed to make the most of Mother’s Day – recognising all the ways we can be ‘mothers’ and empowering each person to see how they can be part of caring for children.

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Testimonies from families of all kinds come to us each year, and we’d love to hear one from your church. Please do contact us if you have one to share.

We hope our resources equip you to mark Mother’s Day with encouragement and sensitivity.


For more ideas for making the most of Mother’s Day, visit this page on the Support Hub.